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An International Airline saved
$15,000,000 in the first year

A United States based international airline wanted to consolidate their reservations ACD telephone network from many switching nodes into two, using Avaya's VOIP technology to save costs and enable disaster recovery. The plan could only work if they had an automatic, reliable way of constantly updating their disaster recovery configuration in the ACDs. Consistacom's Multi-System Synchronizer delivered what they needed, and eliminated labor costs at the same time.

Consistacom investment: under $400,000.
Return: the overall project delivered $15 Million in documented savings the first year.

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A National Insurance Company Cut Staff Costs,
Improved Quality, and saved $60,000 / year

Scarce telephone system resources were needed to implement a new call flow to service customers. It took the staff 4 hours of overtime to find just 5 free resources. The clutter from years of staff turnover was affecting the ability to quickly deal with new business challenges. In minutes Consistacom's remote ACD Auditing service found 45 of the critical resources, and identified hundreds of others that were looming problems. It also found previously undetected programming errors that were misdirecting and even disconnecting customer calls.

Consistacom service expense: $3000.
Return: conservatively estimated at $60,000 / year in savings.

Another insurance company wanted to migrate into a new headquarters building with a new telephone system. The telephone programming had to be moved from the old system to the new. Undocumented programming in the old system was a major obstacle. Consistacom's ACD Auditing service identified unused programming, enabling the telecommunications team to avoid weeks of wasted effort and a delayed move.

Consistacom service expense: $3000.
Return: avoided professional service costs of $40,000 and an on-time move.

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An International Manufacturer of Business and Consumer Technology Found $250,000 / year in wasteful Toll-Free Charges (And Caught a Cheater)

The sales and service ACD telephone network for this Fortune 100 manufacturer contains dozens of switching nodes worldwide. The telecommunications team knew the programming was out of control, but didn't have the time it would take to untangle and document what they had. In under a day Consistacom's ACD Auditing service expertly analyzed tens of thousands of complex programming relationships. Obscure programming errors were identified, and thousands of stranded resources were identified - as expected. The unexpected payoff: the clearly organized programming documentation produced by the audit identified the outdated use of toll free telephone service to transfer calls.

Consistacom service expense: $3,000.
Return: $250,000 annually in just one ACD.
Added benefit: a trial of Consistacom's Change History Management service uncovered previously hidden misbehavior by an outsourcing contractor. Now the management team has an automatic record of all changes.

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The Largest VOIP Call Center in the World Boosted Revenue, Cut Costs, Dodged a Concrete Bullet, and Performs the Impossible

An international service provider implemented the largest VOIP virtual call center in the world, linking agents in six countries with centralized telephone switching. It was only feasible with an automatic, robust disaster recovery management system that could be routinely tested. Consistacom's Multi-System Synchronizer delivered that management. Just three weeks later, a concrete truck snapped a utility pole carrying toll free calls into a switching center. One half of the worldwide call center agents were unable to communicate with customers. In just 15 minutes full service was restored, thanks to a solid disaster recovery plan relying on Consistacom capabilities. The utility outage lasted six hours. The return: avoiding $1.2 Million of cost and lost revenue in this single incident.

Those same agents are managed to produce maximum revenue, leveraging Avaya's Expert Agent Selection (EAS) and Business Advocate. Updates were applied manually twice monthly. The business knew that daily updates based on recent agent performance would be significantly increase revenue. The problem: updating 10,000 agents daily is humanly impossible with traditional tools. The solution: Consistacom's Policy and Performance Agent Management tool. The return: $2+ Million increased annual revenue + $2 Million in reduced waste of agent time due to misrouted calls.

Total Consistacom Investment: under $500,000.
Return: $5.2 Million.

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