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Our mission is providing scientific, enterprise-level management tools and services for voice communication systems

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Welcome To Consistacom

Our mission is providing scientific, enterprise level management tools for voice communication systems

We are a technology leader in the field of management solutions for private voice telephone networks operated by businesses and government agencies. Customers use our software tools and services to operate some of the largest call centers in the world, including the largest pure VOIP call center. Consistacom solutions help manage these networks for

  • The highest possible consistency and quality, making call centers easier to use and protecting our customers' brands
  • Flexible, resilient disaster recovery solutions that keep the enterprise operating after utility disruptions, natural disasters, and terrorist attacks
  • Compliance with regulations governing readiness to deal with disasters, and providing the reporting and testing to prove it
  • The most compatible match between a caller's unique needs and the available call center representatives, resulting in happier customers and higher sales
  • Low cost of ownership, through automating critical administration chores that are otherwise labor intensive and error-prone

Our unique solutions are based on a combination of scientific method and sound business practices that are often missing in voice telecommunication network organizations. We bring this mix to the design and implementation of our software tools, which enhance the native capabilities provided by Avaya switching products. Then we follow up with services that ensure the tools are used to give our customers the maximum possible return on their sizeable network investment. Our customers reap solid financial benefits from these tools. One early adopter of our performance based agent management tool, for example, estimates they will gain $9 million in additional revenue over the first four years it is in use - and that comes from a conservative one-half percent improvement in only a single call center business process! We understand how call centers work, and are at the forefront of providing the innovative management solutions needed to effectively manage the new generation of large, global call centers and administrative telephone networks.

Our company was founded in 1993 as Fitzgerald Associates. Our reputation for innovative call center designs and solutions was established early on through the work we did for The Associates Credit Card Centers (now part of Citicorp). Proving ourselves in the field, we progressed from subject matter experts to project managers, then designers of boutique CTI solutions, then implementers of our designs. Service offerings followed soon after, and in 2005 we incorporated as Consistacom, Inc. We have received awards from Avaya for Call Center Excellence in 1997, and as a team member for the Avaya Sale Of The Year Award in 2004. The United States Department of Commerce also recognized us for Export Achievement, as a result of teaming with Avaya Italia to provide a disaster recovery solution for Telecom Italia. We have proven our ability to install and support solutions in both North America and Europe.

Today we focus primarily on innovative, standardized administration solutions for enterprise telephone systems. This is a largely invisible area we believe has been grossly neglected. The voice communications management community needs new tools that operate on an enterprise level, implementing corporate policies for service delivery and resilient business continuity as demanded by government, corporate management, and the realities of today's threats.

The combined customer list of Fitzgerald Associates and Consistacom includes Intel, AT&T, the University of Notre Dame, America Online, Telecom Italia, and others. We are partners with Avaya through their DevConnect program. Customers buy our products through their Avaya sales team, direct from us, or as a hosted service provided by Avaya or a telecommunications service provider.

Please peruse our web site to see how our innovative solutions can help you improve quality and resilience while lowering costs.

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