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The common challenges to using Avaya's Expert Agent Selection (EAS) Effectively

  • It is not clearly understood by those who must manage it
  • Too much work to keep it updated with current agent information
  • You don’t want to undertake a large agent configuration update, just to find out you need a different configuration

Avaya's EAS and Business Advocate are unequalled in their ability to optimize the utilization of your workforce in response to changing conditions. Most enterprises don’t use it due to the reasons above. With PAM, you can finally take control of EAS and uniformly implement a strategy across your entire workforce.

Close the loop on Performance Management

The Performance Management option for PAM automatically applies the actionable data from your Peformance Management analytics. By adjusting EAS skill levels daily, PAM assures you generate the highest possible revenue stream and ROI in your call center.

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PAM typically pays for itself in 6 months or less

PAM provides many obvious benefits:

  • Reduction of human labor in the workforce management process
  • Elimination of human error
  • Automatic reclamation of login IDs on the ACD when an agent separates from the workforce
  • Overnight implementation of strategic changes across your workforce
  • Automatic reversal of temporary changes so agents start each day with the correct configuration

A convincing ROI case can be built on these and other benefits. One that managers often overlook is the benefit of eliminating wasted agent time. When an agent’s login ID is incorrectly configured in the EAS, the agent will not get the proper mix of calls. To operate at peak efficiency and lowest cost, EAS must have accurate information.

When agents receive the wrong mix of calls, their time is wasted. In the extreme case of receiving a call type they cannot handle, the time of two agents can be wasted in the transfer process.

Consistacom estimates that 5% of the agents in a large call center are misconfigured, causing waste of 2% of the overall workforce. In a call center of 2,000 agents, the payback on this single savings can easily be 3 months or less.

PAM is the key to effective management of the world’s largest VOIP agent workforce.

Read about the challenge of managing a large virtual call center, and how PAM does it automatically. More…

The All Too Common Problem of Forgotten Agents

The most common workforce management problem we see in Avaya powered call centers is failure to remove old login IDs from the switch. Left alone, this leads to a shortage of available login IDs. It can also deplete a little known resource known as agent-skill pairs, creating hard-to-detect problems.

With PAM, all you have to do is inactivate agents in your workforce management system when they are separated. PAM automatically deletes them, even allowing them to be “parked” in a special skill while your reporting systems clear their old data.

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