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Synchronize your Avaya Call Center Programming And Simplify Your Life


Multi-System Synchronization is the multi-purpose solution tool that

  • Multiplies the work of everyone managing your Avaya system, so you do more with less
  • Makes every administrator a Business Continuity specialist
  • Protects your valuable brand image by ensuring consistent caller experiences across your enterprise
  • Makes it possible to implement a new call flow in minutes instead of days
  • Enhances Avaya's Enterprise Survivable Server in rapidly changing call center environments

No More Work

Manage Many Systems As One

Multi-ACD call centers often program the same call flow on multiple ACDs to increase capacity or provide disaster recovery failover. MSS lets you manage the multiple ACDs as one, through automatic implementation of business continuity rules. If your sales toll-free number is handled in both the Peoria headquarters and the site in Poughkeepsie, just add rules to replicate all adds, moves, and changes of VDNs, Vectors, Hunt Groups, and announcements from Peoria to Poughkeepsie. Now your administrator in Peoria is programming both ACDs simultaneously.

Automatic = Assured

With MSS in control, you know that business continuity rules are always followed. There are no memory lapses, unfinished work at the end of a day, no gaps because of vacation or illness, no business continuity specialist to review all the changes. Every change matching a rule is replicated to other ACDs in minutes. Every night a business continuity audit is performed, so you have proof every morning that your entire network is in compliance with the rules. You get

  • Maximum compliance
  • Minimum Time to deploy
  • Automatic documentation
  • Lowest possible TCO

DiceWithout MSS, business continuity is a roll of the dice.

Rapid Rollout

No More WorkReduce the time it takes to deploy a new call flow across all your call centers. MSS can do what used to take days in just minutes. One MSS customer updated their network overnight to match a radical change in the company's business model. Read about it here.

Expanded Disaster Recovery Options

With common programming in place across all the ACDs hosting a particular call flow, you have the option of rapidly moving incoming call volumes to any ACD in the network. By using MSS to replicate agent and VOIP station programming from a "home" ACD to one or more failover ACDs, you gain disaster recovery options never before possible. True full-function, full-capacity disaster recovery that works for the most complex call centers is finally possible.

Enhanced ESS Protection

Call center customers using Avaya's Enterprise Survivable Server for Disaster Recovery can enhance ESS operation by adding MSS. With MSS, the ESS server configurations are kept up to date in real time, instead of only through ESS batch transfers. With MSS, ESS becomes a viable option in rapidly changing call centers where it does not fit by itself.

Use Your High Skilled Administrators To Build Your Business

Your call center designers and programmers are a valuable resource. The value they add is typically in the careful design and testing of a new call flow. Once they have it working on one ACD, they add little value by manually deploying it to others. Let MSS handle the redundant, tedious work and keep your staff engaged in more interesting, higher value work that keeps you moving toward your business goals.

MSS Resources

Daily Compliance Reporting

The nightly MSS audit e-mails a compliance report showing Copall the compliance deviations found, the action taken to correct them, and any situations needing manual correction because of rule conflicts or other problems. Anyone trying to thwart the business compliance rules can be identified, and their efforts are automatically corrected to maintain compliance.

End Misunderstandings

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery rules in a multi-ACD call center are usually complex. ref Consistacom has found it is unusual to have more than one or two people in a large organization that understand how all the pieces fit together. With MSS following a properly crafted set of rules, the correct decision of whether and where to synchronize programming is always made. The rules themselves become a valuable item of call center documentation.

One Uniform Call Flow Program Instead Of Many

No More WorkWith MSS, it is easy to deploy a common call flow program across multiple ACDs. Nobody would use two different order entry programs to handle the same function at two different call center sites, but it is common to find multiple ACD programs handling the same type of incoming call. Standardize your ACD programming for a common caller experience.

No Re-training
No New Admin Tools
No Procedural Changes

MSS works in the background, monitoring administrative activity and reacting whenever that activity matches a MSS rule. It doesn't matter how that action was initiated. It could be ASA, CMS, MSA, a SAT session, or even a custom administrative application your enterprise developed in-house. If Communication Manager sees it as a change, MSS sees it. That means you can keep working without costly re-training or rolling out a new administrative tool. Consistacom doesn't offer any new tools for the human administrators to make changes with, and operates completely in the background.

Stabilize Your Transition To A Flattened Network

A single installation of MSS can manage both your legacy TDM network and your new flattened VOIP network at the same time. Just write two different sets of rules for the different sets of ACDs. Free yourself from redundant administration work on the legacy network, while you easily make adjustments to your new network's dial plan and resources. You get the best of both worlds, with only one MSS. Consistacom even has license lease plans to minimize your investment in the legacy network.

MSS Never Takes Time Off

No Time ClockMSS runs around the clock. It is never sick, never takes vacation, and never has a bad day. Your synchronization plan for business continuity is always executed, audited daily, and completely transparent.

Evaluate Your Present Network With MSS

Use Consistacom's hosted multi-switch synchronization auditing service to objectively audit and report on your manual programming efforts. See exactly where your present efforts fall short. It is fast, secure, thorough, and much less expensive than an unhandled disaster or unhappy callers.


MSS has been synchronizing the world's largest VOIP call center since 2004. It has been a key part of an international airline's disaster recovery plan even longer. Why risk a disaster recovery failure by using anything less than MSS?

Full Transparency

Every change made to the ACD, by anyone, through any means, can be reviewed with the companion Configuration Archive. Every step taken by MSS in response is logged in both the Configuration Archive and a specialized synchronization audit trail. There is never any question about what happened, who did it, or why MSS took action.

Crash Tested Disaster Recovery

One early MSS customer avoided Concrete Trucka six hour outage resulting from a traffic accident. The telephone pole came down, but the network stayed up at full capacity. Read the story here.

Easily Tested Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery implementations built with MSS are easily and safely tested. That isn't true of most solutions. Consistacom customers routinely invoke disaster recovery procedures to move stations and agents off an ACD needing maintenance of itself, or the associated data network for VOIP networks.

Keep Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Knowledge From Walking Out The Revolving Door

Programmers and analysts working on Avaya systems have great job mobility. Many enterprises use contract help for individual Avaya projects. The result is often a loss of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery knowledge as designers and programmers move on to their next job. With MSS, the rules keep working - even if the current staff doesn't know anything about your business continuity rules. Consistacom's SureSync™ managed service goes a step further, retaining the knowledge and managing daily MSS operation at a low cost to you.

Flexibility To Match The Way You Work

MSS synchronization rules are written to match the way you work. Nothing is synchronized until you write a rule saying it should be. You can synchronize as little or as much of an ACD's programming as you need. You can even synchronize different versions of Communication Manager, with some restrictions. See an illustration here.

Patent Pending, Standards Based

MSS is one of Consistacom's patent pending solutions. It combined advanced knowledge of Communication Manager administration and configuration with Internet and Avaya standard interfaces to deliver a reliable, robust, transparent solution to your business continuity needs.

Exclusively From Avaya And Consistacom

Only Avaya Communication Manager has the core technology that makes synchronization possible, and only Consistacom has the patent-pending logic to leverage that core.

No More Work

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