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ccFlowCam translates your Avaya call center telephone system programming into clear, detailed, easy to read flow charts. This is documentation every call center stakeholder Cool Mug!needs and can understand: managers, technicians, marketing, outsourcing customers, even your boss.

All you have to do is order. Consistacom's service team does the rest. There is no existing documentation for you to collect, no time-consuming conferences with your call flow experts, no software for you to install. Flow charts this easy is exactly what our customers have come to expect from Consistacom, the leading innovator in Avaya call center documentation and analysis.


ccFlowCam uses the programs and resource administration already in your Avaya telephone system. There is nothing for you to prepare.


Plain language text in the flowchart symbols explains what the steps do. You don't need to know any jargon. Don't believe it? Check out the example flowcharts.


What you see is exactly the way your Avaya system is programmed.


With Consistacom's unique remote service delivery, the time between ordering and receiving your flowcharts can be only days, not weeks or months.


Your call center programming is an important presentation of your brand. Programming data is collected, transmitted, and stored securely. Flowchart output is delivered as encrypted files.


By eliminating the need for on-site consultants, travel expenses, and skilled labor to prepare your flowcharts, Consistacom delivers at a fraction of the cost for old-fashioned consultant provided services. One-time charting of your SMB size Avaya system starts at only $8,500 US. Ongoing service subscriptions and bundles are even better values.

Keep It Updated And Save

Scheduled service plans automatically update your documentation at regular intervals. Monthly, quarterly, and semi-annual subscriptions are available. Consistacom takes care of the scheduling, and you save compared to on-demand service. Plus, your team will work smarter and more efficiently when they have current documentation.

Bundling Is Better

ccFlowCam can be purchased as a documentation bundle with the ACD Auditing service. ccFlowCam is easy to read and understand for everyone. ACD Auditing assists the technical staff keeping your telephone system programming error-free and at peak efficiency. Buying a bundle is less expensive than separately.

Easy To Buy

ccFlowCam can be ordered directly from Consistacom, as part of Avaya's Global Services, or from your Avaya business partner. Choose what works best for your needs.

Free Trial

Seeing is believing, and we want to show you flowcharts from your ACD. There is no cost, very little time on your part, and you get to keep the results. more details.....

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By Popular Demand

Two out of three Consistacom customers have asked for a flowcharting solution. We hear that

  • Business units with a stake in the call center demand clear documentation of how their calls are being handled
  • Outsourcers need a way to provide their customers with current, accurate documentation
  • Flowchart preparation is a drain on scarce, skilled vector programmers
  • Maintaining current and accurate documentation with existing tools is not humanly possible

Don't Rely On Outdated Documentation

When a business unit needs a new call flow implemented, the call center team usually requires a flowchart of the proposed flow. That is because the flowchart is the only clear, universal way to communicate between all the parties: managers, technicians, programmers, and customers. When the first change is made to a working call flow, the specification flowchart is out of date. With ccFlowCam, the entire team can have accurate documentation of what your callers are experiencing now.


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