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The Configuration Archive provides a comprehensive audit trail of all PBX and ACD administration across your enterprise

Whether you operate one PBX or a worldwide network of administrative PBXs and call center ACDs, you need a way to know what is happening to the configuration of your telephone switches. Compliance reporting and the need for quick trouble resolution require a way to know what changed, when it changed, who did it, and what it used to be - so you can fix it fast if the new configuration didn't work.

Consistacom's Configuration Archive is the only comprehensive, scalable solution that addresses this vital, fundamental need in any IT operation.

The Consistacom Configuration Archive (CAR)is a powerful tool for administration of your enterprise telephone network. PBX and/or ACD management environments benefit from its ability to record, retrieve and display a comprehensive history of telephone system administration activity across the entire enterprise. All administration activities are recorded, whether they are directly or mechanically initiated. Using the Consistacom supplied Windows graphical client interface (GUI), any activity can be displayed either as it happens in real time or by specific criteria including dates, time, or activity type. Individual views can be configured to show only the activity of interest. For example, telecommunications call flow programmers can monitor activity in VDNs and Vectors, while call center managers may only want to watch for unusual activity or gaming among their agents. For ease of review, administration sequences can be saved in text files and sent to subject matter experts or managers via e-mail attachments. This comprehensive record history allows managers to thoroughly examine the configurations in place at the time of significant events. The benefits include easier troubleshooting and configuration reviews using data previously unavailable without tedious, time-consuming disjointed report collection.

Video demonstration of real time change display
EEMon showing Real Time Sync

Video demonstration of historical analysis

CAR Specifications

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