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Be Prepared For Anything With Consistacom Advanced Change History Management

  • Repair broken call flows and stations fast
  • Automatic continuous backups and documentation of add / move / change activity
  • New Management Metrics and reports
  • A single view of enterprise-wide activity
  • Compliance Verification
  • Plug gaps in change management documentation
  • Embedded appliance and remotely hosted service options

Consistacom's Patent Pending Configuration Archive System shows exactly what is happening to your Avaya Configuration

Continuous Backup and Audit Trail

The Archive is multi-purpose. By recording the details No More Work of all activity, you have both a comprehensive audit trail and a step-by-step backup of changes to your Avaya system.

Who? What? When?

That's what the Archive records: what resource changed, who did it, when did it happen, and what was it before? This is the most important information you need when trouble shooting a problem.

Stop Guessing

With facts from the archive, your team can stop guessing what changed and know for No More Work sure in an instant. Faster fixes mean less impact on revenue and customer service, lower TCO, and more time to work on new initiatives.

Embedded or Remotely Hosted

The Configuration Archive runs on a Consistacom Synchronization Controller embedded in your network. For smaller networks and customers wanting to just try out the Archive, an economical secure remote hosting plan is available. Bundle the remote service with others such as ACD Auditing for greater savings.


Quickly solving just one service-affecting problem a month pays for the Archive - and you still get all the other benefits delivered by the Archive.

Small and medium size businesses can take advantage of Consistacom's Vector Vision Change Management Service. This hosted offering costs as little as $3,250 per switch, per month (with a three month minimum) and gives you 24x7 access to your change data plus a monthly summary of activity. With two years of history you have instant answers to all your change management questions.

Large enterprises will find it more economical and convenient to place a Consistacom Synchronization Controller within their corporate network.

Seamless Transition As You Grow

The remotely hosted service can scale from one Avaya system to dozens. When you reach the size where an embedded solution is more No More Work attractive, the historical data from the service can be seamlessly transferred to your new Synchronization Controller without any disruption or loss of data. View your entire history from a single source!

Efficient Data Storage

The huge volume of data generated by administrative activity on Avaya systems is compressed to use an amazingly small amount of storage. A very busy 2500 seat ACD system needs only about 1.5 GB of disk storage per year in your on-site system.

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Enterprise View

A single Archive database captures activity No More Work across the entire enterprise. With a single, centralized source you can easily and quickly find what you need.

Access For All

The embedded Archive comes licensed for ten concurrent retrievals of historic information among unlimited users, who may all be monitoring real time activity. Licensing of additional concurrent retrievals is available.

Customized View

Extensive subscription and filtering Glasses capabilities let you easily select only the activity you are interested in. Are you a call flow programmer? Then you probably want to exclude agent administration.

Are you a call center site manager? You probably only want to monitor the agents at your site.

Are you responsible for administrative stations at your site? Just select stations, call pickup groups, and personal dial lists.

Them or us?

Are contractors working in your Avaya systems? Do you ever need to know whether it was your internal team or the contractors that did (or didn't do) something? The Archive will show you. One customer immediately found an outsourcer stepping outside their contractual bounds. What is going on that you cannot see or measure? Quantify it with the Archive and take control.

Change Management Completion

Most change management procedures record what is supposed to No More Work happen, but how do you know what really changed? Are unauthorized changes taking place outside of your change management process? Are changes being performed at the scheduled time? Are any being missed? Use the Archive to track the activity of a particular administrator, switch, or resource and know for sure.


The Configuration Archive was released in 2004. It has been running continuously in demanding networks ever since, including the world's largest VOIP virtual call center.


Only Consistacom has the patent-pending Configuration Archive, and it only works with Avaya's industry-leading Communication Manager platform.

System Requirements

The Configuration Archive runs on a Consistacom Synchronization Controller. It attaches to Avaya telephone systems through standard interfaces. The Avaya switch sees it as two concurrent ASA sessions. Nothing changes on the Avaya switch itself except the addition of a login ID for the Archive. All Definity, MultiVantage, and Communication Manager systems from Definity 9.5 forward are supported. All they need is a shared CLAN or Media Server connection.

Fully Automatic

Everybody on your team keeps using the same procedures and tools. Every add, change, and delete is automatically No More Work recorded - no matter how it was made. Whether you use ASA, MSA, CMS, a SAT session, or even your custom administrative solution, when the change is made the Archive captures it.

A Complete Solution

The multi-user EEMon Graphical User Interface is a multi-purpose research and No More Work reporting tool. "Play back" the events in the sequence they occurred, or research the history of a particular switch, administrator, or resource.

Real-Time or Historical

The EEMon GUI is used to view:

  • Events as they occur in real time
  • Historical events from the Archive
  • Events in a file received from a colleague


The Archive, and the Synchronization Controller hosting it No More Work are designed to require minimal maintenance. There is no need for a costly Database Administrator. Archived administration events are retained for a customer-defined time, and then automatically retired off the database. The space used by retired events is automatically reclaimed.

Consistacom's optional SureSync™ Management Service is available to perform the recommended daily health checks, look for anomalies in the network environment, and apply the latest software updates at no additional charge. You keep the Avaya network going, and Consistacom takes care of the Archive.

New Metrics For Managing Your Avaya Team

For the first time, you can see which Graph switches, administrators, and resources, are consuming most of your Avaya management budget. Easily compare teams, regions, or divisions of the enterprise by grouping them. Monthly reporting is provided by the hosted service. Reporting on a custom schedule is available on an embedded Archive.

Open Access For Custom Analysis And Reporting

The Archive database's complex schema of encoded and compressed data is exposed via ODBC and simple Stored Procedures in their original form for data mining by your internal experts. Consistacom can also provide customer reports as an extra cost professional service.

Secure Access

Access to the archive is password protected. The remote hosted service data stream is encrypted. Your login ID and password limit the specific Avaya systems' audit trails you may access.



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