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Customer testimonials to the power of Consistacom's ACD Auditor and Configuration Archive tools

"The Audit was useful to us in identifying ACD programming in our contact center that needed to be cleaned up."
Mark L. Burns, Chief Technical Officer, UpSource Canada, March 2006
While I thought that we had our system documented pretty well, but the ACD audit found a couple things that we were not aware of. We immediately were able to clean those up.
It also gave us a concise view of what VDNs, vectors and announcements were associated with each other. This is a very valuable reference tool.
Barbara Kulp, Voice/Data Technical Analyst, American Academy of Pediatrics, March 2006
We knew that we would find 'opportunities' to clean up our ACD's, but we were very surprised to find out how many. We easily and securely connected to the remote audit infrastructure and within days had reports that showed us a lot more unutilized and unreferenced resources than we had anticipated. And we found this on every single switch that was audited.
The audit trail of activity from our ACD's was also very eye-opening. We plan to make some changes to permissions based on what we saw during a single day's activity as reflected in the audit trail. We see the future potential to research and rectify issues by using the tool to quickly understand what was changed, something that we do not have visibility to today.
A manufacturer of equipment for enterprises, July 2006

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