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Find call flow errors before they drive away your customers

Consistacom's ACD Auditor automates Avaya call flow error checking and resource documentation
Mysterious Vector

Guys - I say vector 738 is obviously for the customer service flow. Joe says it lets the agents order out for pizza. Let’s just leave it alone and use a new vector so we can get this done.

Your call flow programmers need to know!

  • Are there undetected errors in this vector?
  • Can I safely reuse this Avaya resource?
  • How are VDN variables being used, and where are they being set
  • What will I affect if this is changed?

Now you can quickly have complete and easy to read analysis and documentation of your call center telephone system programming. This includes a report on programming errors that are affecting your callers, a clean-up guide to unused resources that are reducing your ACD's capacity, and more.

The ACD Auditor does even more than you have wished for

This comprehensive ACD programming analysis is available from Consistacom for less than the cost of consultant travel, and within five business days of ordering.

You need an ACD Audit if:

  • Customers complain of unexplained disconnects and other hard to diagnose problems
  • A shortage of limited programming resources, (such as vectors) consumes huge amounts of staff time to remedy
  • Call flow changes roll out late because of the manual research required
  • Documentation is not accurate, and not changed as programming is changed
  • Your programming staff office has a "revolving door" instead of an institutional memory

Consistacom's ACD Auditing service is the only way to get fast, accurate, inexpensive documentation and objective analysis of your Avaya ACD's vector programs and the resources they control. It is an outside expert without an agenda.

Five day ROI

We all want a high Return On Investment from our purchases. How about an ROI of 8300% ? That is what one recent customer walked away with. Read the story…

How much is it really worth?

If you are part of the management team, chances are you don't realize how much time it takes your telecommunications specialists to research existing programming, find available resources, make the changes, test them, and make sure nothing else has been affected (that last one is really time consuming and imprecise). With the auditor, they can have the current information they need to make changes effectively, accurately, and efficiently. They also have much better information to answer your "what if" questions.


Why didn't we think of this before? Let Victor Vector do it. He never sleeps!

Introductory Video

Take 6 minutes and learn why every ACD needs to be audited regularly, no matter how small. This video helps managers understand why an audit is an essential part of your overall Avaya management plan. It even shows how dialing a toll-free number connects a customer with your call center agents.

Who Uses audits?

  • The world's largest VOIP call center
  • Two international airlines
  • Outsourcers
  • Insurance companies large and small
  • A professional association
  • Direct sales organizations
  • Fortune 100 manufacturer
  • International construction company


Read what some of our customers say about the value of the ACD Audits we have done for them. More…

The Auditing Process

Auditing your Avaya ACD is done in five steps

  1. Connection – Your data networking staff and a Consistacom auditing specialist agree on the configuration of a secure connection between the ACD and the Consistacom service center.
  2. Data Gathering – A snapshot of your ACD’s current programming is extracted while normal call processing is underway. It is a read-only process that does not change the programming, and does not slow down or otherwise affect call processing. It can be done during even the busiest day of the year. The data connection is disabled when the snapshot is complete.
  3. Analysis – Consistacom’s exclusive expert systems analyze the programming snapshot.
  4. Delivery and presentation – You receive an Adobe Acrobat format PDF report file and a Consistacom auditing specialist walks you and your team through it. Errors and opportunities are clearly identified.
  5. Data Shredding – the snapshot data is deleted shortly after you receive you report (unless you have purchased a recurring audit service).

If you order a recurring audit service, subsequent reports will be emailed directly to you on the scheduled days. The PDF file can be encrypted, so only your team can open it.

Outsource The Entire Cleanup

Some Avaya customers just don't have time to clean up, even with the help of an audit. Our Vector Vision Partner cleanup specialists can do the entire job for you quickly and cost effectively, using the same secure remote access technology we use for auditing. Our Change History Management service gives a complete record of the cleanup, and you get an audit report at the beginning and end. Contact Consistacom for a quote

Your Place Or Ours?

The ACD Auditor is available as a hosted service (with the appliances that do the data collection and analysis on Consistacom's premises), or it can be run on an imbedded appliance inside your corporate network. Hosted makes sense for an enterprise evaluating the audit process, or for a network of one or two Avaya ACDs. Hosted service customers receive a set number (or frequency) of audits, as described on our ordering form.

Embedded service customers pay an annual fee for each ACD audited, but can audit as often as they want. A typical schedule audits each ACD early in the morning, at noon, and mid-afternoon. The frequent audits save call flow programmers time when the amount or frequency of changes is high. Need a vector? Just check the list of unreferenced resources and find one. Need to know if a particular hunt group is used anywhere? Just check the cross-reference. With multiple daily audits, inefficient "List Usage" command output is a thing of the past.

More Auditing Resources

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"Why Audit" video
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Configure Your VPN

There's more than just auditing

Track all your programming and changes with the geek's Change History Management service. Always know what changed, who did it, and how to undo it. It's like having an automatic backup every time something changes. Don't let a mystery problem ruin your day. Bundle pricing is available. More…

With Securely Connected Hosted Services, You Are Always In Control

By using secure, standards based data connections on the public Internet, Consistacom is able to deliver this sophisticated auditing service rapidly and affordably. Sometimes our customers are wary of secure connections because they don't understand the technology gives them complete control over data access. There are actually many safeguards built into the technologies. With a virtual private network (VPN) connection, the customer has control because:

  • The connection will only come up if both the customer and Consistacom ends are configured exactly as has been agreed in writing
  • The connection will only allow Consistacom to access specific ACDs and their specific Ethernet connection points in the customer network
  • The customer can unilaterally disable the connection at any time
  • Consistacom uses a unique ACD login ID and password, which the customer can disable at any time
  • Many VPN management devices record a log of connection activity

The VPN solution is actually more secure than having a consultant on site, connecting to the customer's internal data network. It is also much less expensive, and far easier to schedule.

Obtain more details here. (PDF)

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