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VPN Configuration For Hosted Services Provided by Consistacom, Inc.

Call Consistacom Support at 906-482-7689 if you need assistance completing this form.
Filling out this form does not obligate you to purchase service from Consistacom. The information you provide will be held in confidence, per the Consistacom Privacy Policy.

Click here for a printable version you can email/FAX in or save, instead of using this web form.

Services are provided using a site to site VPN between the Customer's data network and Consistacom.

  • All information on this form and obtained from Customer's network is protected by the Consistacom privacy policy
  • The primary Consistacom VPN peer address is (
  • The secondary Consistacom VPN peer address is (
  • Connections are always initiated by Consistacom
  • Consistacom always establishes 2 concurrent connections to the ACD, using the same customer-assigned ACD public IP address and login ID
Customer Business Name
Customer ordering team member
Customer Remote Service Implementation Contact (Will assign login IDs and trouble shoot ACD login problems)
Customer VPN Implementation Contact
(Network technician that will do the actual implementation, someone Consistacom can work with if VPN configuration fails)
IPSec Keying Mode IKE Using Preshared Secret
Customer IPSec VPN peer address
Customer IKE ID
Shared Secret (case sensitive) Will be exchanged verbally with VPN Contact for security
Customer Destination Networks
IKE (Phase 1) Proposal  
DH Group
Life Time (seconds)
IIPSec (Phase 2) proposal  
Life Time (seconds)

Allowed Customer Network Destinations

If the VPN is only allowed to access individual Customer IP addresses (instead of subnet ranges), enter those addresses here and check the "Only allow individual ACD addresses" box on the other page.

When individual destinations are specified here, only those addresses will be allowed access from the VPN. The alternative is to allow access to one or more subnet ranges specified on the previous page. Adding more individual addresses later will result in a VPN Setup Change Charge

Avaya ACM Switch / host common name Public IP Address of active media server
( format)
TCP Port
(5022 is standard)

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