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This is one in a series of stories about enterprises large and small. Their common theme is using modern tools from Consistacom to simplify telephone management with automated, transparent processes.

These are true stories. Some of our customers are Fortune 100 enterprises that will not allow us to use their names.

Standard, off-the-shelf tools and services from Consistacom are at the heart of these stories. They can be put to work in any network of Avaya Communication Manager telephone systems, including the older Definity and MultiVantage lines.

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(Dis)Proving Business Continuity Compliance


Objectively measure the accuracy of manually replicated programming across a network of Avaya telephone systems in a large multi-site call center. Accuracy is required to ensure a consistent caller experience. Management must determine whether the existing labor-intensive processes is meeting requirements, or must be replaced.


Use Consistacom's SureSync™ multi-system programming compliance audit for quick, proven results at a fixed price.


  • A detailed compliance report identified over 1500 specific programs and resources with deviations from the Business Continuity requirements
  • The SureSync™ study was completed in less than one week
  • A secure connection between Consistacom and the firm's data network protected all telephone system data while speeding delivery and eliminating the need for travel to the call center sites.
  • Data was collected during the business calling hours, without affecting call processing
  • The programming team gained objective metrics to clearly show management that success with existing procedures was humanly impossible, yet easily attainable with new enterprise-class tools.


A large United States financial services firm operates a multi-site virtual call center, with one Avaya Communication Manager switching system per site. The multiple switch design is necessary to provide the total capacity required by the firm's operations. Although a flattened and consolidated network of switching systems is planned, the capacity of multiple systems will continue to be needed.

The firm has invested heavily to build their brand image.  One important aspect of that image is superior customer service, consistently provided regardless of which site handles a particular call.  Management has long insisted on complete uniformity of the caller experience across all sites, achieved through uniformity of Avaya call flow programming.  Different sites handle different mixes of incoming call types, but the handling of a particular call type must be programmed identically across all sites handling it.

The skilled programming team has diligently worked to maintain that uniformity, expending 16 hours of skilled effort per week on compliance for over four years.  Their experience has shown the results of this complex and expensive undertaking are not up to expectations.  They are committed to achieving the required consistency, but the traditional "one switch at a time" tools they have available are inadequate for the task.  A new approach with a  proven tool was needed to objectively measure the compliance gap, quantifying the problem for management and demonstrating their goal is attainable with the proper tools.

Solution Details

Consistacom’s patented Multi-System Synchronizer (MSS) does automatically what the programming team was trying to accomplish. It exactly replicates and maintains the programming of selected call flows across multiple Avaya systems. A standard feature of MSS is the ability to perform compliance audits and produce detailed deviation reports. Consistacom provides a standard service based on this capability, the SureSync™ multi-system programming compliance audit.

Using a secure hosted service delivery model, Consistacom quickly set up an unusually complex VPN connection with the firm and took a snapshot of current call flow programming in under three days, while full calling loads were processed.  MSS automatically analyzed the snapshots using rules developed from the firm's documentation.  In less than one week, the firm was presented with reports showing exactly where deviations existed, and how to correct them.  The reported deviations were wider in scope and greater in number than even the team members expected, reinforcing Consistacom's well-proven understanding that manual multi-switch program synchronization is humanly impossible to achieve and maintain.  With the hard facts in hand, the programming team's management was able to demonstrate both the need for Consistacom's MSS solution, and the ROI it will provide in the firm's specific environment.

Steven Fitzgerald, Chief Technical officer of Consistacom, observed that this scenario is very common in the multi-switch Avaya networks he has worked with.  "Management would never dream of programming different order entry systems for each call center site that handles sales, yet we typically find the telephone switches are programmed differently, often by different teams.  It puts the corporate brand image at risk, and of course it also drives up the cost of operating the call centers.  The top management of these corporations should be demanding the same uniformity of telephone system programming that has been achieved with other business sytems."

About Consistacom

Consistacom’s mission is providing scientific, enterprise-level management tools for voice communication systems. Working on Avaya platforms since 1995, Consistacom has built a reputation of customer service, providing innovative technical solutions to improve Contact Center and administrative office operations. Consistacom provides standard, highly configurable products that enhance the productivity of the Avaya platform by automating repetetive, error-prone tasks. Consistacom’s solutions automatically implement and enforce flexibly defined business rules to achieve benefits in cost and revenue enhancement for the business, while providing complete transparency through audit trails and reporting.

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