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This is one in a series of stories about enterprises large and small. Their common theme is using modern tools from Consistacom to simplify telephone management with automated, transparent processes.

These are true stories. Some of our customers are Fortune 100 enterprises that will not allow us to use their names.

Standard, off-the-shelf tools and services from Consistacom are at the heart of these stories. They can be put to work in any network of Avaya Communication Manager telephone systems, including the older Definity and MultiVantage lines.

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Overnight Business Model Change In The Call Center

To keep investor confidence high and demonstrate a commitment to competitive agility, a publicly traded service provider needed to substantially change the treatment of incoming customer calls…and do it overnight! This meant their entire network of Avaya telephone systems needed to be updated in a single overnight window, and operate uniformly in the morning when the CEO would announce a radical corporate business model change. A flash cut was required, without time to pre-load and test the updated programming, Plus, it was impossible to forecast how the incoming call mix would change. It was expected that massive and repeated changes to the agent workforce configuration would be needed in order to handle the new traffic patterns.

This customer already had Consistacom’s Multi-System Synchronizer (MSS) and Policy Agent Management (PAM) management solutions installed.

MSS automatically and selectively replicates changes in the programming of one Avaya system to all the others in the enterprise, under the control of policy rules tailored to each enterprise.

PAM integrates with Workforce Management Systems to manage agents in “sets” rather than individually. Changing the policy for a set automatically changes all the agents in the set at a scheduled policy change time.


  • Approximately 160 vector programs were changed and tested on one Avaya system by a team of 3 experienced programmers in 2.5 hours. The changes were automatically replicated to several other Avaya systems in real time.
  • One person in the workforce management team easily scheduled changes for hundreds of agents the first night, and up to 3000 per night in subsequent weeks, by modifying the configuration policy for the affected agent sets. The agents were spread over multiple sites, serving multiple departments.
  • All scheduled changes were in place on time
  • The changed call programming handled the increased volume and changed distribution patterns without incident.
  • The call center agent workforce was able to handle the increased load, even as staff cutbacks were announced and reorganization was underway.
  • The ability to make massive changes with a small team of call center technical staff minimized the possibility of a news leak
  • The service provider’s management teams proclaimed this overnight change would have been impossible without MSS and PAM
  • The wisdom of choosing Consistacom and Avaya as key technology partners was reinforced.

This Avaya powered enterprise was already using Consistacom tools to improve their business processes. MSS was in place, automatically implementing business continuity policies for all programming changes as they took place. PAM was managing a workforce of over 10,000 agents, ensuring they started each day in full compliance with operational policies.

Although the enterprise business model was undergoing radical change, the well-defined business continuity policies implemented by MSS were not. The massive changes undertaken were within the bounds of existing policies. This meant change requirements did not have to be disclosed to the call center technical team until the last minute.

PAM was already deployed to manage the entire call center agent workforce, including most outsourced agents. This made it possible to change the mix and percentage of call types routed to a particular set of agents with short notice and 100% accuracy. As the management team evaluated the effectiveness of evolving strategies day by day following the announcement, ongoing agent change was easily implemented. Wide-ranging changes in agent routing took only 45 minutes of effort by a single PAM “policy manager”, a member of the agent workforce management team. This was a 95% reduction in effort compared to the processes used before PAM.

MSS and PAM run on Consistacom appliances embedded in the enterprise data network. Additional Consistacom solutions can run on the same appliances, providing process transparency and new metrics for managing Avaya call centers.

About Consistacom
Consistacom’s mission is providing scientific, enterprise-level management tools for voice communication systems. Working on Avaya platforms since 1995, Consistacom has built a reputation of customer service, providing innovative technical solutions to improve Contact Center and administrative office operations. Consistacom provides standard, highly configurable products that enhance the productivity of the Avaya platform by automating repetetive, error-prone tasks. Consistacom’s solutions automatically implement and enforce flexibly defined business rules to achieve benefits in cost and revenue enhancement for the business, while providing complete transparency through audit trails and reporting.

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