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This is one in a series of stories about enterprises large and small. Their common theme is using modern tools from Consistacom to simplify telephone management with automated, transparent processes.

These are true stories. Some of our customers are Fortune 100 enterprises that will not allow us to use their names.

Standard, off-the-shelf tools and services from Consistacom are at the heart of these stories. They can be put to work in any network of Avaya Communication Manager telephone systems, including the older Definity and MultiVantage lines.

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Call Center Transparency Ends Shenanigans And Proves Compliance


Unauthorized and undocumented configuration changes are appearing in an Avaya telephone system, affecting a critical call center. Management needs a complete and accurate record of all telephone system changes. The record must be compiled regardless of the means used to make the change, and must not require changes to established procedures and change management processes.


Rapidly and securely connect the Avaya system with Consistacom’s Change History Management service. Use the bundled research tools to interrogate the change database and establish what changed, who changed it, and when the change occurred.


  • Immediate recognition of non-compliant vendor change activity
  • Comprehensive change record: who, what when
  • Single source of change history for activity across the entire Avaya enterprise network
  • Transparency of all move / add / change activity in the Avaya system
  • No alteration of administrative processes or procedures
  • Secure access to the change record 24x7
  • New metrics for managing the administrative process
  • Historical configuration data that eliminates ambiguities in CMS traffic reporting for past periods


A large manufacturing enterprise’s direct-sales organization operates many large Avaya Automatic Call Distributors (ACDs) to handle incoming customer calls. Some ACDs serve several sales teams, which are differentiated by their market (consumer or business), geographic territory, and customer size. Marketing campaigns and call flow programs are specialized for each of the teams. This requires granting administrative access of various levels to many analysts and programmers across the organization. Coordinating and tracking changes by and for these multiple ACD constituencies is expensive and based on an honor system of reporting all changes, and implementing only approved changes.

Outsourced call center agent vendors add complexity to the environment. Some outsourcers are given administrative access to the ACD, in order to perform certain functions in support of their agents served by the enterprise ACDs. Without the access, the enterprise would have to coordinate and perform outsourcer administration. By giving access to the outsourcer, the enterprise has reluctantly outsourced part of their management control.

Solution Details

The enterprise chose four large Avaya call center ACDs for a trial with Consistacom’s hosted Change History Management service. No feature changes, software updates, or additional licenses were required for the ACDs to utilize the new service. With agreement on the configuration of a standards-based Virtual Private Network (VPN) across the public Internet, a secure connection was established between Consistacom’s hosted service center and the enterprise’s already established VPN gateway. The gateway does not allow Consistacom access beyond the four ACDs. The VPN can be unilaterally disabled by the enterprise at any time, retaining complete access control.

Once connected, the Consistacom service “listens in” to change activity on all four ACDs simultaneously. When a change is made by any means, using any human interface or mechanized process, complete details of the event are recorded in a database known as the Configuration Archive. After gathering administrative events for five days, the enterprise’s call center management team participated in an interactive analysis of the monitored activity. Consistacom’s Enterprise Event Monitor research tool was introduced, showing how it can retrieve, filter, and organize the Configuration Archive’s event data in various ways. The management team asked for a sort one way, then another, and immediately identified suspicious activity. The quick result was proof an outsourcer was stepping beyond the bounds of the administrative restrictions they had agreed to.

The management team was able to identify suspicious immediately upon seeing it. The enabler, what the team was looking for, was the ability to gather, display, and organize thousands of individually unremarkable data points into a coherent picture of activity in their Avaya systems. With ongoing service, periodic reports analyzing data in the Configuration Archive database show the team which systems, which administrators, and even which individual resources are the most active.

Providing standardized management solutions for Avaya systems without the need to put a high-cost consultant on site is a breakthrough in call center management. With this new delivery model, Consistacom is making it possible for even the smallest call centers to implement best practices that large enterprises have been attempting to perfect for years. Large enterprises have the option of using a hosted service, or embedding a Consistacom appliance within their network. Either way, enterprises of all sizes gain change management transparency on their Avaya systems, catching up with the rest of IT. After seeing the effectiveness of Consistacom tools delivered as hosted services, this particular enterprise chose to embed Consistacom appliances in their Avaya ACD networks for three world regions.

About Consistacom

Consistacom’s mission is providing scientific, enterprise-level management tools for voice communication systems. Working on Avaya platforms since 1995, Consistacom has built a reputation of customer service, providing innovative technical solutions to improve Contact Center and administrative office operations. Consistacom provides standard, highly configurable products that enhance the productivity of the Avaya platform by automating repetetive, error-prone tasks. Consistacom’s solutions automatically implement and enforce flexibly defined business rules to achieve benefits in cost and revenue enhancement for the business, while providing complete transparency through audit trails and reporting.

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