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Remote Access more more more more more more

Fastest way to identify programming problems

Change History Management Service:
A complete configuration history of what changed, who changed it, when, and what it used to be is maintained for 2 years.  You have 24x7 secure access to the history, and new changes are typically visible within 60 seconds.  No more searching for obsolete documentation or guessing what happened.  Get the facts and get things fixed right away.
ACD Auditing Service:
Quickly analyzes your call flows for obvious errors and produces extensive, standardized documentation – even a complete display of your variable settings and usage that can cause so much trouble.  Scheduled audits make it possible to see where problems will happen, rather than waiting for them to start.  Pick the checkup schedule that makes sense for you: annually, quarterly, monthly, weekly, or even multiple times every day.
Fast Startup:
Order your first service on Monday; get results by Friday the same week.

Get on the road to recovery faster with Consistacom

Calendar   Stopwatch

Use the latest technology and Secure Tele-Diagnosis

Safest and most secure process

Encrypted remote connection:
No consultants on-site to chaperone, no worry about what they might see or overhear. No data is ever sent “in the clear”.
Your choice of secure connection technologies:
Both SSH and site-to-site IPSec VPN are offered.  VPN is the way large businesses securely communicate with their business partners.
Standard security protocols to work with your existing network:
Use the online VPN form and choose options that conform to your corporate security standards.  Enterprise networks of all sizes typically have site-to-site VPN capability today.
You retain total control of security:
It is impossible for Consistacom to detect or connect with anything but the Avaya telephone systems you grant access to.  You always have at least two ways of unilaterally disconnecting access.  You are always in control.
A single connection services all your Avaya ACDs:
Only one startup process is needed and only one secure connection to maintain.
No access to your customer data:
Standard Avaya access components prevent Consistacom from seeing any of your customer data.  It is not even possible to tell if you have any connected calls.  The connection technology only lets Consistacom see telephone system configuration data.
No way to listen in:
The Consistacom connection cannot be used for listening to your calls, and cannot be used to make a call.
No changes to your Avaya system:
There is no Avaya software to add and no telephone system features to turn on.
Secure report delivery:
ACD Audit reports are delivered in encrypted form.  Only you have the key to view them.

Affordable to initiate

No capital expense:
 Consistacom remote services do not require any new equipment or software licenses.
Low setup fee:
A low one-time secure connection fee makes it possible for Consistacom to service your telephone systems, now and in the future
Fixed Pricing:
No hourly charges, no changes in scope, and no delays.  Know exactly what you will receive, when it will arrive, and how much it will cost before you start.
Pay only for what you need:
Service is available one-time, on a fixed recurring schedule, or continuously.  Choose the option that fits your business.  Different Avaya systems within your enterprise can subscribe to different types and levels of service.
No Travel:
Nobody visits your site, so there are no travel costs.  The fee for setup and your first audit is probably less than travel and expenses alone for old-style on-site services.
Discounted subscriptions:
Pre-billed recurring services are available at substantial discounts compared to on-demand.  Staying ahead of problems this way is far less expensive than reacting after they happen.
Uses your existing network service:
Consistacom services put very little load on your existing Internet service connections.  There is no need to upgrade or add more capacity.

Holistic reporting and tests -- Less expensive than calling in many narrowly-focused specialists

Methodical diagnostic technologies find what can happen, not just what already has

Most standardized analysis available

Completely Automated:
So you always get the same, thorough, expert audits and an accurate change management audit trail
Fixed Schedules:
 If you want reports the second Tuesday morning of each month, that is exactly when they will be produced and delivered.
A single information source:
ACD Audits and change history audit trails always use the authoritative data source – your Avaya telephone system.
Works with all programming techniques and styles:
if it is a legal Avaya programming concept, Consistacom can record and analyze it.
Exclusive support for advanced features:
complete history, analysis, and documentation of new VDN variables, which are revolutionizing the way Avaya systems are programmed.
Adobe PDF file format:
You already have what you need to effectively view, search, and print the generated reports, instead of needing additional software to view some unfamiliar proprietary file format.

Remote service is the least invasive option

Top Secret
No strangers on your site
So there is no risk they will hear or see something they should not.
No changes to your Avaya system
It is already equipped to use Consistacom services.
Just another terminal connection
The remote connection used to collect data looks like another Avaya Site Administration (ASA) user to the telephone system.  No need to set up any new network access or technologies.
Does not affect call processing
Consistacom services can be run during your busiest times without notice by you or your customers.

Doesn't expose your secrets - not even to Doc Vector!

Only the latest diagnostic technologies can prevent costly failures

Performing the humanly impossible

Completely automated:
So human error is eliminated.
Finds invisible problems:
The ACD Auditor can detect and report relationships that cannot be seen any other way.  Change History service can show you an audit trail going back up to 2 years – about 2 years further back than the standard telephone system history log.
Only Objective Facts:
What you see is what happened and what exists.   No need to guess, no time wasted looking for obsolete documentation, no egos to contend with.  This is the compliance audit trail you have been searching for.
New Administrative Metrics:
Change History Service shows you the level of change activity, who is doing it, and where most of the effort is expended with monthly reports.
Information, not just data:
Investigating a call flow with traditional tools requires multiple steps to gather all the pertinent information.  It is already collated and analyzed in ACD Audit reports, saving you time, money, and frustration (both you and your customers).

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